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Doris Aquirre

Bio Artwork Exhibitions Videos Bio Doris Aguirre’s world is one where the lens meets the beauty of nature in a captivating embrace. Born in the

Jane Kahler

Bio Artwork Exhibitions Videos Bio Jane’s career started in the field of commercial art. The first commercial art job was at Pollock Paper Co. Starting


Dennis Casey

Bio Artwork Exhibitions Videos Bio Dennis Casey captures the magic of nature’s solitude. Based out of Fort Worth, Texas, his photography focuses on the splendor

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April 13th 2024

Vintage Wine and Art Tour

The Vintage Wine and Art Tour offers a unique and immersive experience that combines the rich flavors of age-old wines with the timeless beauty of fine art. This sophisticated event invites connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike to traverse through a curated selection of prestigious vineyards and galleries, where they have the opportunity to savor exceptional vintages and admire artworks spanning various styles and epochs.

April 27th 2024

Artist Reception

The Artist Reception is a vibrant and celebratory event designed to introduce new artists to the art community and the general public. Set in a welcoming and inspiring environment, this gathering shines a spotlight on emerging talent, showcasing their work and offering a platform for creative expression and dialogue. Attendees are treated to an evening of exploration and discovery, where they can wander through displays of fresh, innovative art, engage directly with the creators, and gain insight into the inspiration and processes behind each piece.

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